Triple Spiral Metaphysical Store in Victoria, B.C., Canada - Jewellry-Books-Candles-Incense -Tarot & more
Triple Spiral Metaphysical Store in Victoria, B.C., Canada - Jewellry-Books-Candles-Incense-Tarot & more

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Books On Wicca, Paganism, and Metaphysics.
Candles, Tapers, Votives, Aromatherapy-Candles.
Crystal Spheres, Wands, Tunblestones, and Animal Powerstones.
Triloka Incense, Sticks and Cones.
Perfume- and Aromatherapy Oils, Triloka, Attar Bazaar, Essential Oils.
Wiccan and Pagan Jewellry, Pentagrams, Godess, Wishkeepers, etc.
Large assortment of different Tarot and Oracle Cards and Decks/Sets.
Miscelleanous Wiccan, Pagan, Metaphysical items, Masks, Starwatcher Lanterns, Color-Therapy Bath Products etc. .
Updates on ongoing classes and courses on Wicca, Astrology, Metaphysics at Triple Spiral.
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Welcome to our Web Site!

Triple Spiral Metaphysical Gifts is located in the heart of Victoria's Chinatown, on the smallest street in North America. The store is owned and operated by Phylis Everlie Songhurst C.P.A., a Wiccan priestess of Thirteenth House Mystery School. The store and its affiliated space (Spiral Gateway), offers retail merchandise, lectures, classes, and workshops.

Triple Spiral Metaphysical offers a wide variety of retail items, some of which are:

Candles - beeswax, magical, votive, friendship.

Incense - Japanese, Indian (yes, lots of Nag Champa), Native sage smudges and sweetgrass, Tibetan, holders, trays, burners, and more!

Resins (pure) - frankincense, myrrh, copal, sandalwood powder, benzoin, amber, and dragon's blood, are some of the selection that we carry.

Divination - a large assortment of tarot cards, runes, and pendulums.

Books - some of our categories are; pagan/wiccan, gods/goddesses, divination, astrology, healing, aromatherapy, magic, spirituality, herbology, chakras, feng shui, shamanism, Celtic, talismans/symbols. (lots more).

We also carry; crystals, jewellery, ritual tools, statuary, tapes/CD's, T-shirts, masks, feng shui mirrors, essential oils, perfumes, soaps, cauldrons, cards, Celtic items, singing bowls, and much more.

We offer monthly drop in lectures on various subjects and also weekend workshops, a sampling of which are; tarot, the philosophy and practice of witchcraft, herbalism, aromatherapy, dream circles etc.

Fall / Spring classes :

Tree Of Life - Initiation Chakra Course. An intensive self exploration journey through the seven energetic centres of our being.

Introductory Wicca - a 13 session class for those wishing to gain an understanding of the old religion. Subject material covered is; history, the Wheel of the Year, lunar magic, healing/herbal magic, trance & energy work, magical ethics and principles, spells and word power, ritual form and shape, politics, power objects and talismans.

Both of these classes are taught by various priestesses of Thirteenth House Mystery School. We also offer massage with a practising aromatherapist, in house tarot, palm, and astrology readings. You may contact us at our e-mail address for merchandise orders and all general enquiries.


Triple Spiral is well stocked for the season with many items not listed on this site!  Please note that the on-line book and Tarot catalogue, as well as the candle and crystal / gemstones pages are being entirely updated.

We are undergoing a major reconstruction. If you have particular books, decks, candles or crystals you are looking for, just email, phone or write to us before you order!. There's good chance we either have it in stock or can locate what you are looking for.   

Sadly, it became necessary to remove the Guest Book due to the sheer volume and content of SPAM. To contact or leave comments with us, please use the email function.    




Thank-you for joining us at our web site.
Blessed Be!

Triple Spiral Metaphysical
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